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Idaho Sex Chat


Idaho Sex ChatLooking for Idaho Sex Chat for menage a trois altered my life forever. Being able to have these experiences in my life has made me constantly look for new adventures on here. I had an amazing adventure and here it is for you share.


Edward uses an on-line swingers site to meet bootie every stop along the way. Were both long haul truckers and tired of the same old Rig Rats that haunt the most effective stops. Edward told me hed set us up, the cunt he gets from Sex in Idaho hasn’t let him down yet. I expected Edward’s taste in women to be different from the usual we see. Then I met Amber and Becky, two of the trashiest women I’d ever seen. I didn’t have time to tell him what an ass he was because I was the last one to get there. I determined to get this over with as fast as possible. Hey Edward, I’ve gotta pull out in one hour, I can’t stay. I stared him down. Me too, Terrence, sorry ladies, but we really got a program to keep. Maybe he wasn’t such an ass. Later he told me they were both married, and they had sex around on Sex in Idaho because their husbands couldn’t get it up. No wonder. They dressed like they were selling it, not giving it away. We went around to the front of Edward’s rig and also the girls got down to business, freeing the animals for a shower of slobbery kisses. In virtually no time at all my prick was streaked with Amber’s red lipstick, very fucking hot. I really could see Edward was getting much of the same only his prick was purple. After slicking my meat stick Amber stood up and said it was time to get her turned on. The single thing I could do was turn her around and stick my prick straight into her tight snatch. She squealed but got wetter by the second. Edward followed my lead and backed Becky up against the rig and screwed her with one leg in the air. Amber might not have any fashion sense, but she certainly knows the way to fuck. I was starting to feel as a porn star, screwing out there in the open, watching Edward get the same. It was like being in a movie. That’s when I felt it was time to come. The girls took the shower with smiles on their faces. We left them rather quickly, and drove down the street to a different station. I made Edward guarantee to send me pictures before ever setting me up with an Sex in Idaho cunt again.


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