Idaho Hook Up

Idaho Hook Up


Idaho Hook UpWorking very long hours at the work place has made discovering for Idaho Hook Up hard. When you are looking for the feeling of being in heaven, just use your fingertips at the keyboard like I did. Being able to learn how to stay clear from relationships has never been so easy.


A new neighbor moved into the sole house on the block with a pool. He’s very sexy and has to be divorced or single, judging by the string of women he’s had over his first month in his new place. My husband said we could buy a pool next year, possibly, and asked me not to bother the man. Ugh! One hot day while browsing the net I saw my new neighbors picture online. On his Sex in Idaho advertisement to be exact. I cheat sometimes, but not often, that’s why I was looking. The temperature was growing faster than a young stud’s prick, and also the pool next door started looking more and more inviting. I logged off of Sex in Idaho and determined I needed a swim. My neighbor was away at work. Knowing he was on Sex in Idaho, even if he did come home and catch me I didn’t believe he’d care. I jumped the fence. I was a little troubled, but quickly relaxed. But not for long. A shadow blocked my sun. I looked up and saw my neighbor, and he wasn’t alone. I sat up, embarrassed, and looked from one man to the other. My neighbor said I know you. You live next door. Its a hot day, relax. We might join you. My cunt tingled. I was hoping for further than that, Rockmonster, I whispered. That was his nickname on Sex in Idaho. He took his shades off and looked at me. Dwight, we have a live one here, he said to his buddy. Would you like a double unique today, lady? Around the home, he laughed. Before I could finish nodding they were on me like bees and honey. Masterful hands stripped my bikini away and investigated every bulge, crevice and hole. I pulled two very large prick’s towards me, and slobbered my tongue over the heads. When the helmets were gleaming I aimed 1 between my legs. Who wants to go first? I asked. Rockmonster screwed me first, driving his exercise deep inside. He filled me so completely I came within minutes. I sucked his friend between orgasms, getting prick from two angles. Then they changed and I swallowed and had sex more prick, until I thought I was going to pass out from coming so much. They finally came, dousing me with plenty of hot sticky goo. My husband doesn’t know about Sex in Idaho, I said just before leaving. Don’t worry, I won’t tell, my nude neighbor promised. Sweet. It’s going to be a pleasant cool summer.


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