Date Ideas In Idaho

Date Ideas In Idaho


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I don’t understand what happened, it was so surprising. Tim used to be able to fill me, but then I began to desire sex every day. It’s all I could think about. I was so obsessed I looked online to see if there were other girls out there like me. There are lots of girls, and guys, and they’re called swingers. Sex in Idaho is among the biggest sites out there. If scratching the itch was the cure, then that’s what I’d have to do. I didn’t like the thought of cheating on my husband, but he’d never agree to swinging, he’s too much of the prude. But I’m not. I hooked up with my first date within days of posting an ad. I asked him if we could visit his place, because I was married. It turned out that Kent was married, too! He said he’d rent a hotel room. I drove up to the motel and went looked for the room number. I found it and promptly went and knocked on the hotel room door. Even way out here I was afraid of being caught. Kent opened the door and I almost fell into his arms. “Let’s get started,” I panted and kissed him. Kent carried me to the sofa and sat me down. Hold on a minute, I’ll hold onto this, I said and grabbed for his cock. I pulled his pants down and stuffed his cock into my mouth before he could say anything. That shut Kent up. I love sucking cock, and Im a real expert. Ask my husband. I didn’t suck Kent for long. I wasn’t there to just suck his cock, I liked to get fucked, and great. I leaned back in the sofa and lifted my dress. you’re turn to hit the target, I teased. I pulled my thong tight, making my cunt lips bulge. Kent was accurate to his name, and he pierced my cunt with his steely cock. At that moment I understood what Sex in Idaho was all about, a woman like me getting her very own way.


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